Monday, February 28, 2011

Our top 10 peace songs

-          Where is the Love? – Black Eye Peas
-          Imagine – John Lennon
-          What a Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong
-          Bomb the World – Michael Franti
-          We’ve Got to Have Peace – Curtis Mayfield
-          War – Edwin Starr
-          Peace, Love, and Understanding – Nick Lowe
-          We Want Peace – Lenny Kravitz
-          Heard Somebody Say – Devendra Banhart
-          Home – Edward Sharpe

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

If I won 5 Billion $

So If We won 5 Billion $, what are 9 organizations that we would put that money towards

1. Acumen funds
2. Personal
3. Family
4. Clean Water
6. Stem cell research
7. heart and stroke
8. Cancer
9. Veterans

if only......

Monday, January 31, 2011

Honor the Cost of Philanthropy

Ravi Popatlal
I think that Alistair should draft a report to the board of directors and inform them on his findings. There are several reasons for this, starting with the fact that the board was the party that had initiated the investigation into price fixing. This means that it’s Alistair’s obligation and responsibility to address the concerns and questions. Any finding should be reported to the board so that they may use their wisdom, their right and their authority to find a solution to the issues at hand.
By ignoring the problem, and “turning a blind eye”, Alistair is not performing his duties that have been bestowed to him by the board. This ignoring could lead to even more problems at a later stage, if left unreported.

Elena Necheporenko
I believe that Alistair should draft a separate report even though it might cause great harm to the executive who did negotiate this. The reasoning behind my position is because if Alistair keeps silent about this issue involving the executive and the relief organization then this issue will eventually become a bigger problem if Alistair’s findings are true. The company will also face much criticism when this issue will go public, harming their public image and reputation.  If an investigation were to take place regarding this very unorthodox contract, Alistair may be seen as compromised due to his private investigation of the Bosnian situation.  Therefore telling the truth and reporting to the board will be the right and ethical step to take when it comes to running a respectful and successful business.
Rachel Morrison
I think Alistair should do a separate report about his findings with the delivery of the kits to Bosnia.  His company is known for their ethical behavior and if it was found public that there was bribery going on from a very good cause, it could ruin what they are working towards and what they have worked on for years.   It may cause harm to the executive, but in the long run it could cause more harm to the company as a whole.  There are other ways to get the kits to where it needs to be and they should be able to find a more ethical way of doing it. 
Kristin Hauber
I think this is a very tough decision and am weighed both ways. On one hand, Alistair should think of the consequences that could happen if they don't draft a report. They could lose their image if the board finds out that they did something unethical. Although, I can't but feel some sympathy since the duty is going to a good cause.
Overall, looking at the big picture I think that Alistair should draft a report. Whether it's going to a good cause or not, Alistair has to look at their company and what could happen to them is someone were to find out.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Assignment #1

Creative Capitalism - capitalism which places the resolution of social needs as a primary goal of economic activity, rather than a secondary consequence
Moral Capitalism - Theory that integrates intangible moral consideration with traditional micro and macro economics postulates.  It asserts that interest and virtue are not necessarily in conflict; that virtue is an extension of interest rightly understood.
Conscious Capitalism - a philosophy based on the belief that a more complex form of capitalism is emerging that holds the potential for enhancing corporate performance while simultaneously advancing the quality of life for billions of people. 
Spiritual Capitalism - the success of an Enterprise is measured by values like "integrity" and "commitment" as much as by targets like efficiency and profitability.  The first commandment of spiritual capitalism is "taking care of business means taking care of others."

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